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Past, Past President: Hope Florence, Mathematics

Past President: Deanna Caveny, Associate Provost, Mathematics

President:  Rick Heldrich, Chemistry

President Elect:  Ana Oprisan, Physics & Astronomy

Public Relations:   Jim Bowring, Computer Science

Membership Secretary and Treasurer: Susan Morrison, Biology

Secretary: Michael Phillips, Library

Director of Student Awards and Activities: Anton Vander Zee, English

Honors College Liaison:  Trisha Folds-Bennett, Dean of the Honors College 

2015-16 Faculty Advisors to Executive Committee:  Barbara Duval, Studio Art; Bret Lott, English

Historian:  George Pothering, Computer Science 

2014-16 Student Vice-Presidents: Carolyn Howle, Archaeology and Anthropology; Rachael Taylor, International Studies; Emily Farris, Arts Management; Patricia Cooney, Biology

2016-17 Student Vice-Presidents: Moriah Shoshana Alten Flagg, Public Health; Lauren Elizabeth Lees, Biology;  Abigail Kathryn Tummers, Antropology  

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Chapter By-laws (pdf).